End-of-Semester Reflection Letter

 Description You will compose a letter reflecting on your writing over the course of the semester, your growth as a writer and thinker, and where you imagine you might still have room for further development. Return to your writing from the entire semester and reflect on the patterns and progress you see in the work. Questions to Help You Write: How have you viewed yourself as a writer in the past? What are some ways the course has changed this perspective? How have you viewed the process of writing in the past? What are some ways the course has changed that perspective (e.g., brainstorming/exploring, drafting, conferencing/peer reviews, revisions, edits)? What specific moments/activities/assignments/readings stood out for you in this class? Why are they important? What were your triumphs during the semester? Your challenges? Where do you see yourself going next as a writer? In what ways can these experiences and skills from ENGL 150 connect to future writing needs (other classes you have to take, landing that dream job, etc.)? This seems familiar…If all of this sounds like ideas we’ve been talking about already this semester…you’re right! A lot of these experiences should come from work you have completed during the semester (meaning you already have a lot to talk about as opposed to something brand new). If you are unsure of where to start, Its recommended look back at the Author’s Notes and other reflections you wrote during the previous WPs. Rather than focusing on just one assignment, however, you will be looking at your entire ENGL 150 experience. If you find yourself running out of things to say… Take breaks! Working on the assignment throughout the week with goals like a page/paragraph a day will help get you done easily and stress free. This can also be a good change of pace for your brain if you find it suffering from “burnout” studying for other finals by participating in some personal, low-risk writing. Final Assessment Requirements (aka, easiest final ever): The letter reflects on your “journey” during the semester in an earnest and thoughtful way (e.g., uses specific experiences and examples) with both yourself and the instructor as your audience. [Content/Organization/Language]. The letter is an appropriate length to allow you to explore these ideas thoughtfully (3-5 FULL, double-spaced pages, MLA format) [Delivery].

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