Employment Tests, Simulations, and Assessment Centers

Option #2: Employment Tests, Simulations, and Assessment Centers

As the Staffing Director of a large organization, you are required to create a staffing plan to recruit and select the best candidates. You are facing a two-fold challenge: (1) identifying candidate sourcing areas (i.e., LinkedIn, advertisements, other social media) and (2) determining appropriate assessment tests to use to measure candidate growth and performance potential. Choose your current job, a job you’ve had previously, or a job that you are familiar with. Then, in your presentation, discuss the following points.

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Employment Tests, Simulations, and Assessment Centers
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1. Creative and innovative strategies that can be employed, which are specific to your organization and industry, to recruit and select candidates.

2. Select a position that your organization might need to fill. Explain what screening techniques (2-3) can be used for that specific position.

3. Justify the benefits and drawbacks of the selected screening techniques, as well as legal considerations that organizations must consider before utilizing certain screening techniques/assessments.


· Develop a 10-12 slide presentation, not including the title and reference pages, which are required.

· You must include a minimum of two paragraphs of notes, within the speaker’s note section, to enhance your slide and prevent clutter, realizing this is a slide presentation for leadership.

· Your presentation must be properly cited and formatted according to the APA.

· Include a formal references page.

· You must support your analysis with at least three scholarly references and can include resources from this course.

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