Elements of popular culture are evident in music, videos, fashion,..

Elements of popular culture are evident in music, videos, fashion,..

Elements of popular culture are evident in music, videos, fashion,..

Elements of popular culture are evident in music, videos, fashion,

animations, and printed materials that the modern populace consume. Most of the current media content reflects on diverse types of popular cultures in one way or another. In his TED Talk, Alexander Philippe reveals that pop culture takes time to develop and influences people’s lives differently (2013). For instance, most people choose to listen to music that relates to their lifestyles and cultures. However, due to globalization, the modern world embraces many aspects of pop culture in their social, cultural, and political lives.
Concerning music videos and movies, modern content creators consider incorporating shared experiences across the world. Films reflect the regular lives of people from diverse parts of the world. Philippe (2013) opines that religion, politics, cultural beliefs, and social issues divide the modern population despite other significant factors and popular cultures that bring people together.
Fashion, art, and advertising are also elements that reflect fundamental aspects of popular culture. Today, people do not hesitate to adopt some parts of other people’s cultures. According to Mathenson (2016), gender equality, self-respect, love, and diversity play critical roles in facilitating the spread of popular culture across the population of all ages in the contemporary world. Nonetheless, fashion, art, and advertising may have a specific audience regardless of the popular culture that they reflect.
In conclusion, the world is gradually becoming a small village, as many scholars suggest; this is mainly due to the increasing sharing of cultures among the modern populace. Music, advertising, videos, movies, printed materials, and fashion play a role in promoting popular culture.

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