Elements of Architecture

Write a comprehensive report on a single group of a nominated element of architecture through its early history to its contemporary condition. (Nominated element is ARCHES) -Grounding the element into the context of its meaning as a functioning part of the architecture. This has implications to its origins and why the element came about as a necessary part of built form. It also has aesthetic and philosophical reasons why the element is the way it is. -Identify the element into its deepest past regarding its essential origins. This may suprise the researcher as to why an element was deemed necessary and came into being. The origins may also indicate why the element has survived as an Architectonic form up to contemporary times. -Map out the evolution of the element into a basic chronology that matches up to changes in aesthetic appearence but also any changes that evolved in use. This may relate to developments in materials, technologies or even may be affected by social, cultural and political attitudes. -Convey an understanding of the element in its contemporary uses and context. How has it changed in recent times? Why did it need to evolve to be relevant today? also extend the discussion to account possible future applications.

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