Elder Abuse

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Requirement:       Total Possible Points: Points Awarded:
Length of report =

Quality vs. Quantity

Quality = 10pts Partial effort= 5 pts Quantity = 2.5 pts


10 points  
Grammar & Spelling Less than 2 mistakes = 5 pts 2-5 mistakes = 2.5 pts More than 5 mistakes = 1 pt 5 points  
Contains all required information: See next page for requirements. Contains all required elements = 60 pts Contains some required elements = 30 pts Contains little required elements= 15 pts 60 points  


Required =

5 sources

See next page for



Each resource or reference listed properly= 5 pts Missing 1-3 elements = 2.5 pts Missing more than 3 elements = 1 pt 5 points  

1. Visual appeal:

2. Ability to communicate

Contains 3 required elements = 20 pts. Contains 2 required elements =10 pts Contains 1 required element = 5 pts 20 points  
Total Possible Points


Total Points Awarded










Law & Ethics: Final Presentation Requirements


1. Find your topic based on the first letter or your first name.

A – C Elder Abuse D – F Withholding or withdrawing life-prolonging treatment

G – I Organ Donation J – L Substance Abuse

M – O Abortion P – R Physician-Assisted Suicide

S – U Stem Cell Research V – X Allocation of health resources

Y – Z Technology

2. Discuss the ETHICAL dilemma(s) associated with your topic.


3. Discuss the LEGAL dilemma(s) associated with your topic


4. Present 3 articles from recent publications to demonstrate the reality of your topic. These articles should highlight the ETHICAL and LEGAL dilemmas you are discussing. You should include all details of the articles. These can be court cases as well.


5. Type a report containing all of the required elements (items 2, 3, and 4 above). There is no required length to this project, as I am looking for quality not quantity. That being said, I do not expect to see a report that is less than 4 pages.


6. Create a PowerPoint as if you were going to present this project in a classroom setting.












General report requirements


Report Set-up:

All papers must be:

1. Typed

2. Double spaced

3. 12 point font; either Times New Roman or Arial

4. 1” margins all around


References / Resources:

All references / resources must include:

1. The author of the reference/resource.

2. The name of the reference/resource, such as article titlewebsite & web page.

a. Print materials should also include the name of the paper, journal, or text in which your reference is coming from (example TMJM) ; volume or edition/issue numbers (example Vol.4 Issue 5) ; pages numbers (example 225-229)

3. The date the reference/resource was published or reviewed. Webpages have this information at the bottom on the webpage.

4. The date you retrieved the information from websites.

5. Only use reliable & credible resources. Internet websites should be (.edu), (.gov), (.org), and some (.net)

Examples of a print reference/resource:

(1) Milken, Michael, Gary Becker, Myron Scholes, and Daniel Kahneman. “On Global Warming and Financial Imbalances.” New Perspectives Quarterly 23.4 (2006): 63. Print.

(2) Buchman, Dana. “A Special Education.” Good Housekeeping Mar. 2006: 143-48. Print.


Examples of electronic reference/resource:

(1) “Athelete’s Foot – Topic Overview.” WebMD. WebMD, 25 September 2014. Web. 6 July 2015.

(2) Wheelis, Mark. “Investigating Disease Outbreaks Under a Protocol to the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention.” Emerging Infectious Diseases 6.6 (2000): 595-600. Web. 8 Feb. 2009.

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