ELCC 2201 Creative Expressions

1. Reflect on the activities and readings from the first 4 classes.

2. Choose a space, or part of a space, that interests you. It can be indoors or outdoors, anywhere you enjoy.

3. Spend time in this space and observe.

4. Explore this space through the point of view of an:

• Artist

• Writer

• Musician

• Scientist

• Historian, and

• Mathematician

1. Observe your surroundings and carefully record your observations through photographs, sketches, creativewriting or other art forms (these will be presented creatively to your classmates in small group presentations in the discussion area). No posters. Think of a creative and artistic way to represent your space and the 6 perspectives. Explain where this space is, why you chose it andinclude a photo of the space and you in it. Share a process photo of you creating your art piece (creative expression that represents the space and the 6 perspectives) and a photo of the finished product. include captions under all photos. Create an interesting art piece which is a representation of your special space (not photo or sketch, these are your documentation of the actual space with the written explanation. You must also create an interesting art replica such as sculpture or a model, or a 3-d collage, use interesting materials and a creative representation.

• You should clearly explain why this space was chosen in relation to the assignment. Provide headings for each question with answer underneath and clear images of the actual space, one with you in it, and then photos of the materials and you creating your art work and the final piece. Include captions under all photos.

Part 2.Written Reflection: To be uploaded to drop box called ‘Assignment 1’

Write a written reflection about how each point of view affected your experience, and explain how you would use these perspectives within the ELCC curriculum.