Effects of Social Networking on Privacy Essay

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Effects of Social Networking on Privacy Essay

Social networking has changed the way people communicate and interact. Studies have established that social networking has improved the efficiency of communication because all that one needs is internet enabled devices such as a phone or computer. Some of the commonly used social networking sites include Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Instagram, and Google Drive, among others.Effects of Social Networking on Privacy Essay

Social networking has given people a chance to make friends from various parts of the world, share information, as well as develop discussions about various issues. Experts argue that social networking has compelled people to be more open with their personal information. This has been attributed to the fact that on social networking sites, people do not need to meet physically to communicate.

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The concept of privacy

Although social networking has impacted positively on people’s lives, experts believe that it compromises their privacy. The ability of users of social networking sites to share details of their lives through status updates and posting photos often compromises their privacy. Most critics of social networking sites believe that people cannot consider anything posted online as private.Effects of Social Networking on Privacy Essay

Over the years, some people have gone to the extent of losing their jobs because of the information they share on social networking sites. The fact that people can use vague names to create their social networking profiles further complicates this issue. Many people complain about cyber crimes such as bullying, money laundering, and impersonation. Such crimes are usually directed towards naive users who do not mind sharing their information with strangers.

Diminishing privacy

Studies have established that since the invention of the internet, the privacy of the global population has diminished at a high rate. Most people have created their profiles on various social networking sites. This has made it easier for others to see personal information such as education level, marital status, hometown, learning institutions attended, as well as the date of birth and hobbies, among others. With social networking sites, there is no need to meet up with someone to know them.Effects of Social Networking on Privacy Essay

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