Effective application of NHMRC ethical guidelines

Project Description provides an opportunity for the student and Academic Teacher to evaluate the feasibility of the research study and the effective application of NHMRC ethical guidelines and counselling and psychotherapy research ethics.




Develop and write a Research Proposal on a topic of your choice relevant to the counselling and psychotherapy field. The Research Proposal will be implemented in the units Research Project 1 and Research Project 2 over two terms.


Your Research Proposal will need to address:


 clear and succinct articulation of the aims of your proposed research or evaluation study and research questions


 an explanation of the rationale for your proposed study, and how it will add to the body of knowledge on this topic


 an overview of research already conducted on the topic


 a clear explanation of, and justification of, your proposed research paradigm and methodology (quantitative, qualitative or mixed method)


 a clear explanation of sampling methods and proposed size of sample


 an explanation for how the data collection will be undertaken and the tools or measures to be used (attach survey and/or interview questions in an appendix)


 an outline of data analysis methods to be applied to the data


 a discussion of ethical issues that need to be considered in implementing the proposal, including voluntary participation, dual roles as a researcher in relation to your proposed participants, privacy and confidentiality, the potential for distress caused by participation in the study, and the actions you will take to minimise risk of harm, and disseminating results to participants. Take account of the National Health and Medical

Research Council (NHMRC) Ethical Guidelines for researchers and research references provided in this unit


 a timeline for conducting the study in a timely manner over two terms

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