EE40137-RF Systems Principles and Applications

1.For a Lossless transmission line with capacitance of 3nF per meter, calculate the characteristic impedance for a 12 meter section with a total Inductance of 50mH.

2.The transmission line above has ZL given by 23 + j 40. How do you interpret this in polar and exponential forms? 

3.For the impedance above, using Zo as 50ohms, locate it on the Smith Chart after normalizing it. This is ZLn   Later draw a circle, using a compass, that has its pin at the chart’s center R=1.0 and its perimeter passes through the ZLn. Finally draw a line that passes through center and ZLn. Extend that line in the opposite direction to intersect with the circle in the lower half of the chart. Find the coordinates of that intersection point. This would be the Y of that line.