Education and Evaluation Plan 2A


Note: Do not start a new paper. Add it to your Capstone Part I Literature Review.

(10 points ) Open the file you started for Capstone Part I (Literature Review) and update the title page date: Capstone Project: (your title) and current date. Use your Capstone paper template to add content to correct area.

Capstone Part II Education and Evaluation Plan and then following APA 7th edition guidelines add the new sections you will be writing. You can be creative with headings, but make it easy to identify each new section. Suggested heading for this section is Teaching Plan. Suggested headings for future sections: Capstone Presentation and Evaluation of Effectiveness

  1. (35 points ) Start with 2-3 paragraphs about the purpose of the education you are planning, the intended target audience, and the setting.
  2. (35 points ) Develop a single-spaced table (see template) that includes at least 3 behavioral learning objectives, numbered/lettered outline, time per topic, at least 2 different teaching strategies, and 2 evaluation methods. Place the table in an Appendix A (after the references) and a statement should be made in the paragraph referring the reader to the Appendix A) Note: APA format specifies that appendices are after the reference list.