Discussion topic

Discussion topic


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The guidelines for this assignment are outlined in the course syllabus.

Please address the following topic in your primary post. Once you have submitted your primary post, you must reply to any student’s post on this topic to complete the assignment requirements:

Why are third-party candidates unsuccessful in Texas politics? If Texas had proportional representation for the state legislature, do you think the number of third-party candidates winning seats would increase? Why or why not?


You will not be able to see the work of other students until you have submitted your original posting.


路 You cannot get an A on this assignment unless all key arguments, facts, assertions and claims in聽both聽your primary and reply posts are substantively supported with high quality research citations.

路 Always identify sources with both MLA in-text (parenthetical) citations and references (in a Works Cited section at the end of your posting).

路 The minimum writing requirement must be met and exceeded using your own words (do not include cited information in your word count).

路 Don’t forget to include your word count!

路 Both the original and reply post must be submitted by the assignment due date in order to receive any credit for this assignment.

All submissions are checked for plagiarism using SafeAssign. Plagiarized submissions will result in an automatic zero in this course.



Subject rule


1. Each “required” activity must be submitted to earn credit for the course.

1. All assignments must have a cover page with the following information: Your name, course and section number, semester of enrollment, a word count and a title indicating the topic of your essay. The word count should reflect your own work (do not include citations, paraphrased information, quotes, the cover page, or the works cited page). Do not repeat the cover page information as a header in the body of your assignment.

1. Each student is expected to utilize peer-reviewed articles from academic journals for the writing assignments. There is a tool built into the course to help you obtain quality sources for your writing assignment, it is labeled 鈥渞esearch center鈥 on the main menu of the course. For current events related information, use a newspaper, news magazine, news website, a court case or an actual law. The course textbook, Wikipedia, internet search engines, blogs and similar items are examples of unacceptable research sources on the collegiate level.

1. Only your own words will count toward the writing requirements. The writing assignments are intended to assess your comprehension of the material. Meaning, cited and paraphrased information should not be in your word counts.

1. All assignments are expected to meet college level writing requirements; all answers are to be in essay format and the expectation is for each student to engage the topics using critical analysis. Please do not attempt to provide simplified or elementary answers if you wish to earn credit for your work. Take the time to fully explain your ideas and demonstrate the depth of your understanding to earn the grade you want.

1. Failure to identify sources is plagiarism. All sources are to be documented within the body of the assignment and on a works cited page using MLA citation format. Within the essay use parenthetical, in-text citations. Do not use footnotes or endnotes.

1. Do not recycle (or self-plagiarize) a paper from another course. Work submitted in other courses cannot be submitted in this course without prior consent from both instructors. Submitting an assignment that has been used in another course, without prior approval, will result in a zero for that activity. Everyone is expected to submit authentic work.

1. Do not use first person tones in the writing assignments. The prompts are designed to help you think about the topic, not to generate a direct response. First person tone is inappropriate in a college essay, but may be used in discussion forum activities or assignments that specifically require it.

1. The formatting requirements for all assignments are: typed / word processed, double-spaced, size 12 font, Arial or Times New Roman script, 1 inch margins (default setting), and a limited number of grammatical errors.

1. All assignments are to be submitted as one electronic file to the appropriately titled online dropbox. Again, all pages of an assignment (cover page, body text, and works cited) are to be submitted together. Assignments will not be accepted via any other delivery method, unless prior approval was obtained.

1. Assignments submitted online must be in one of the following file formats: doc, docx, rtf or txt. All other document formats are unacceptable. Files submitted to eCampus that are incomplete, blank, cannot be read by SafeAssign system, opened in Microsoft Word or which are otherwise corrupted will automatically receive a zero as non-submissions. Do聽not聽use the 鈥淲rite Submission鈥 button when submitting assignments in the Dropbox.

There is no credit for partial work. The minimum research criteria and the minimum writing criteria must be satisfied to earn a grade. Incomplete assignments will receive a zero.


Participation and Professionalism

I expect active and informed involvement in class discussions. If you do not participate at all, you will get zero (0) participation points. I will factor student visits to my office or email correspondence on matters germane to the course.

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