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discussion response week 8

New studies reveal that younger workers are not fazed by a downturn in the economy. Listen to the podcast below. Many have side-hustles which bring them to a sustainable level. Others feel as if they can’t rely on corporate America the same way past generations could. This week you are asked to study (research) this phenomenon (millennials and Z’s in the workplace) and answer the following:

1) As part of these generations, does this seem to be a trend that you see empirically, will it continue? and why or why not? 

2) What are some of the side hustles your generation, you or your friends have and how successful are they?


3) Is better to have multiple streams of income as compared to one steady job, based on the individual and the economy? why or why not?

4) Will this way of earning a living become more common place and what impact do you foresee occurring as a result?

5) Will you strive to have multiple incomes, (or a side hustle) in the future? Why or why not?

Be certain to reference your sources.


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