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 Description This week’s DF covers the following module and materials. Use them to answer the questions below: Reading Module 1 Basic Principles of Academic Writing Types of Rhetorical Modes Steps of Writing a Paper Prewriting Techniques Building Your Paper Quoting and Paraphrasing Reading Module 2 The Importance of Wording Word Choice Tone Diction Essay 1 assignment IMPORTANT: You must answer ALL questions for credit. Where indicated, write at least 250 words. Post the word counts for all of your answers. 1. Write a brief analysis of Althea, including its thesis (primary claim/main idea). (Write at least 250 words.) 2. What makes writing academic? How does academic writing differ from non-academic, casual writing? (Write at least 250 words.) 3. Which method of persuasion (pathos, ethos, logos) does Althea use primarily? Is this method impactful? Why or why not? Might another method work better? (Write at least 250 words.) 4. As described in the Steps of Writing a Paper and Prewriting Techniques sections, in answer to this question, perform either a brainstorming or freewriting session for Essay 1. 5. Based on your brainstorming or freewriting session, outline Essay 1 as described in Steps of Writing a Paper. 6. Essay 1 requires you to compare and contrast two subjects. Though it is not an argument or persuasive essay, modes of persuasion still apply because you want your writing to be engaging and worthwhile. Which mode of persuasion, ethos, pathos, or logos, will you primarily use in Essay 1? Why? You can use your outline from question 5 to pull examples of this mode of persuasion. 


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