Discuss the issues in this area and the current outcomes as a result of the issues.

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  • Discuss the issues in this area and the current outcomes as a result of the issues.
  • Describe the external and/or internal driving forces, contributing issues, and the people affected.
  • Evaluate the stakeholders involved and discuss how they will be affected by your change initiative.
  • Clarify your role and responsibility as a change leader. Discuss the leadership theory (or theories) you will use to guide the change process.
  • Discuss the change agents you need to recruit in order to successfully implement your change. Describe the roles of these change agents.
  • Utilize your change model to develop strategies: (a) Explain the relevance of this model to your organization; and (b) Present the strategic aspects using your model. Be sure to clearly define the purpose of each aspect, the people involved, and the actions that need to be taken.
  • Identify, or predict, the potential barriers to change. Discuss possible ways to overcome these obstacles, including methods for dealing with emerging or unforeseen circumstances that could impede implementation.
  • Describe the evaluation methods you will use to determine the level of success of your change initiative. Discuss what metrics or measureable determinates you will use.
  • Propose strategies to anchor change or support continuous change.
  • Establish how your change plan supports the organizational mission/goal, genuinely addresses stakeholder concerns, and will serve as an equitable contribution for the community or society overall.
  • -This assignment must utilize the attached change model where is states “utilize your change model.” -Must have include citations and references in APA format -1500 to1750 words -The organization or unit has to be a hospital or nursing unit as it speaks about in the above directions]]>

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