Discuss how you found resources to support the background description of your selected firm.

Discuss how you found resources to support the background description of your selected firm.

My DSP is focused on telecommuting and the negative impact it may have on employees and the organization. Before COVID hit, I wanted to target a small organization that I could interact with easily. I was also looking for an organization that wasn’t fully remote. I wanted a blend of those working in different locations, remote, and having some folks in the office. In addition, I wanted an organization that was selling a service, not necessarily a product. This way, in most cases, services can be delivered virtually, which could, in theory, remove the necessity of having a physical presence in the office.

My husband has been working for his employer for about 10 years, and at this point, I’m pretty familiar with the organization and the services they provide. His company was the perfect fit for the criteria I had envisioned for my DSP. I received the owner’s consent to use their organization as my selected firm for my project. I will have the ability to present a theory, and if approved, I would be able to implement my plan on a small group of employees. Besides having that former knowledge of the organization, I also used LinkedIn and their company website for further documentation.

Provide details on these sources and why they were selected.

The company’s website is designed in great detail (I guess it would, as they a computer engineers that code and detail everything!). From their history to their services and customer reviews, it hits most of the information I needed thus far for my DSP. I used LinkedIn for the organizational structure portion of my DSP as they have many of their employees listed on their page. Again, with my previous knowledge, after the adequate approval processes, I would obtain additional information directly from the C-suite.

Describe how you expect to use these sources in the upcoming modules in this course.

Since my DSP is specifically focused on the software engineering organization, I hope to use these sources as much as I can to complete the upcoming modules without too many challenges.





Literature review place research within the context of existing literature making a case of why a further study is needed. Conducting a literature review helps build an individual’s knowledge in a particular area or field. The primary reason for conducting a literature review is to gain an understanding of the existing research and debates relevant to a particular topic or area of study, and to also present that knowledge in the form of a written report. According to the article “5 Reasons the Literature Review is Crucial to Your Paper” there are five purposes for a literature review; to demonstrate an understanding of work, to justify your research, setting a theoretical framework, developing a methodology, and to support your own findings.

Why do you think that project proposals and project reports typically require that there be a literature review included?

Literature reviews can also inform decisions or support proposals or conclusions with credible evidence, hence why it’s a point of particular relevance to business communication courses, where proposals and report writing are commonly a major component of the syllabus. Literature reviews synthesize what is known about an issue or practice and help scholars avoid “reinventing the wheel” by enabling the building on previous work conducted. The reviews also help researchers develop a rationale for their study by demonstrating they are extending existing knowledge with the intent to build on and filling gaps that exist.

What contribution does the literature review make to your project overall?

Literature reviews have many potential benefits both in and beyond the academic setting. They often support a research proposal or report, but they are also conducted to synthesize information for other purposes (Parker et al., 1998). They can be a source of ideas, research questions, and hunches to explore. That is, through finding exemplars of well-executed research, interesting ideas that are not particularly well executed, or gaps in the body of knowledge in a discipline, we can identify possibilities for future research.


Why is it important to make your literature review as comprehensive as you can?

The purpose of making a literature review as comprehensive is to summarize the existing research that has been done on the subject in order to put your research in context and to highlight what your research will add to the existing body of knowledge. It provides an overview of current knowledge, allowing you to identify relevant theories, methods, and gaps in the existing research. Literature reviews goals are based on thorough searches and provide a clear, focused synthesis of the literature. Literature reviews not only provided useful content, but also provides a sense of credibility and currency because of the ability to cite recent research to support recommendations.



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