Digital Marketing Strategy for a specific Compagny.

 The purpose of the individual assignment is to give every student the opportunity to practically apply the marketing strategy theory. You are required to consider a company that you believe has an admirable digital marketing strategy and to critically discuss this strategy based on the Marketing theory. You may consider the following areas in your discussion: • A short introduction to the company • How is their value proposition communicated or delivered through the digital strategy? • Does the strategy address segmentation, targeting and positioning and how? • How is this strategy a source of differentiation or competitive advantage? • Make sure to motivate thoroughly! Your deliverables for the assignment are: • Your written report should not exceed eight double-spaced pages, excluding cover page, references and any appendices. Please use an 11 or 12-point font. Your report marks will be calculated as follows: • Discussion of the value proposition (30%) • STP (Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning) and how this addressed (30%) • How does the strategy provide a competitive advantage or differentiation? (25%) • Integration of the components of the report (10%) • Presentation of the report (5%)

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