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Difference between Affect and Effect – The Easiest Way to Remember the Concept

How many times have you get confused between effect and effect? Do you make a common mistake every time you write? You will be relaxed to know that you are not the one who faces this problem. Even people with good grammatical skills make this common mistake. They often get perplexed about the usage of such similar words. Using similar words or homophones can be confusing. There is nothing to feel ashamed about it. Most people are not certain when to use these two specific words.

While texting or writing or even speaking, people unknowingly get stumbled between such words. It is quite natural. These two words spell almost the same. Even the English speaking people do not have a fair idea when to use effect and effect in a particular sentence. But for academic students, this sort of silly error can make serious damage as far as the grades are concerned. They may end up losing crucial grades due to this common problem.

Don’t worry. This blog will help you to understand the significance of these two words differently. If you are having a problem to use these words in a specific context, read out the blog to make out the difference. Here you can get a clear picture of the difference between these two words and their usage depending on the context.

Definition of Affect and Effect:

To clear out the confusion, the first thing you need to do is to understand the meaning of these words appropriately. Otherwise, the confusion will remain the same.

  • Meaning of Effect:

Effect means the result of an action. This word resembles an effect due to a certain cause. Such as: if you do not sleep on time, it will have an effect on your health. The effect is in general used as a noun form. If you are trying to establish the impact of a phenomenon, you can use this word ‘effect’.

  • Meaning of Affect:

Affect is a verb that assembles to influence something. It literally means ‘to produce a change’. Whenever you use affect, it signifies how something has influenced an action to happen. For example: continuous change in weather is affecting his health.

As you can see, these are the simplified definition of those words. However, it is common to get confused about how and when to use these two words correctly as there are huge differences in usage.

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