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AV is an Australian company who imports handmade silver jewellery products such as bracelets,
brooch, necklaces, earrings, pendants, rings, etc. from Vietnam, Cambodia, Lao, and China to sell
them in Australia. For years, through a web site, they market and sell their products directly to the
public. At the same time, they maintain their traditional channels of product distribution as a supplier
to retail shops in Melbourne and Sydney.
The dual nature of its supply chain makes AV’s operation quite complex, especially when it comes to
taking orders, their fulfilment and dispatch, handling customer enquiries and complains, as well as
The CEO of AV wants to improve their business process, services and asks your group to develop a
business technology proposal to add strategic or operational value to AV company.
Task: Your mission is to develop a business technology proposal to add strategic and or operational
value to Campbell Company. Specifically, the scenario is that the company is exploring ideas to
develop/apply new technologies such as mobile application, business analytics, artificial intelligence
(AI), and/or mixed reality, e.g. augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) in their service provision to
gain benefits in various areas for example improving customer experience, staff engagement, and
business process efficiency and coordination, improving existing services or creating new revenue
At this stage, you are required to undertake the following activities:
• Produce a report identifying and elaborating 5 (five) different needs of the stakeholders. For
each need, clearly state one or more high-level functional requirements and briefly explain
how these requirements could satisfy the stakeholder needs. Identify 1-2 (one or two)
disagreements between different stakeholders (in terms of their needs – problems),
especially in relation to the stakeholder groups. Suggest how to resolve such disagreements
and why (in terms of system requirements – solutions). This is scheduled to be conducted in
Week 4.
• Identify all actors (users) who need to interact with the system and justify what use cases
are needed for the actors to interact with the systems, then develop a use case diagram.
Select one use case which you believe represents the most complex (or
Business Requirements Analysis Assessment Task 2 Module 2 Assignment
interesting/important) system interaction. Draw a system sequence diagram for the primary
event flow. This is scheduled to be conducted in Week 5.
• Develop a class diagram that illustrates the business case and its problem domain. This is
scheduled to be conducted in Week 6.
Important notes:
• More detailed requirements for the above activities are provided in weekly guides including
A4, A5, and A6.
• Prior to attending and undertaking each weekly workshop, you are required to undertake
background reading (gather information from company websites and branches, books,
research papers, and consult secondary sources such as your family, friends and colleagues to
learn about the problem areas under study. For online students, you are also required to
listen to Echo class recordings on CloudDeakin before attending the workshops.

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