Describe your reaction to this situation, and how you will most likely proceed given these events

I’m working on a philosophy question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

Create a 5 to 7-minute written presentation in which you:

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• Describe your reaction to this situation, and how you will most likely proceed given these events,

• Provide a philosophical defense of your choice (that means principled arguments),

• Explain what your response to this hypothetical implies for

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A The kind of person you seem to be (when you find yourself caught between a metaphorical rock and a hard place),

B What this says about your conception of Love (be honest), and

C What this tells you about Schopenhauer’s theory of romantic love.

Keep in mind that I have a keenly developed bullshit detector (and will detect any logical fallacies, distractions, inconsistencies and self-contradictions, self-serving and motivated reasoning, double standards, etc.), that I know what your answers were for our previous poll on your sine qua non of love, and that I will be comparing both sets of answers to see how consistent your answers are, and seeing how you attempt to reconcile these ideas.

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