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Describe the economic rise of Western Europe and its early impact on the Americas, Africa, and Asia.

Week of Monday, October 11


Assignment (Discussion post #8 due by tuesday, 11:59pm, this week)


· GPCC, chapter 3, “The rise and fall of the merchant, industrialist, and financier”



Discussion post #8

Part One

· Describe the “trader’s world in 1400,” including its geographic, political, and social barriers to trade, and the extent to which trade was a feature of the world.

· Describe the economic rise of Western Europe and its early impact on the Americas, Africa, and Asia.

Part Two

· According to anthropologist Eric Wolf (page 79), how most basically would capitalism come to differ from previous forms of economy? What is the role of government (the state) in capitalism?

· Regarding the textile phase (first stage) of the industrial revolution, what problems did textile merchants initially face and what steps did they take to overcome these problems?

Part Three

· Describe the age of imperialism–including the big problems that the depression of 1873 revealed–and its impact on the organization of the world economy and on the peoples of the world? What became the new fundamental source of economic power and political influence?

Part Four

· What kind of institution is the corporation, and how did it come to accumulate so much wealth and power?

· What are the assumptions and principles of “corporate libertarianism”? What is questionable about its assumptions?

Post to Canvas: 250 word minimum for the entire assignment; no maximum word count. Display the word count at the end of your post.


The pdf of the book would be provided

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