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Describe how security services have evolved?

Week 1 Development of Security in the United States

Q: Describe how security services have evolved?

A: Security has evolved in the past by different encounters to all parts of the world. This week reading provided information that explained how some of the first forms of security was the caveman and the idea being stones in their caves and how they acted as a security net for personal safety. Different parts of the world have been experiencing security events for many years. Different security events such as Pearl Harbor, 9/11, and the Las Vegas shooting have brought implementations of how to heighten our state of awareness to prepare with reaction to possible future events. Training is provided yearly in all aspects of threat probabilities with past scenario interactions. There is never a way to really know an exact location or time of future events, but little things are taught to see signs of what an incident may look like before it happens.


Q: What are the basic differences between private security and law enforcement when it comes to an arrest?

A: Private security does not have the jurisdiction to do a legal arrest but can assist with a citizen’s arrest in certain circumstances. Law enforcement have the ability to do all arrest in the area that they are residing in and qualified to do so. All states have different laws when it pertains to exact rights of the private security as well as law enforcement officers. In Texas it seems that arrest can be made for the city you work for but traffic stops outside of your jurisdiction are not warranted. In saying that, any type of felony acts or breaches of the peace can be acted upon as a law enforcement officer. Private security seems to have less authority but can still be a very valuable asset to the protection of individuals or places.

Q:  What are several functions that fall under the umbrella of security?

A:  Some of the functions that fall under the umbrella of security include things like personal security, cyber security, as well as terroristic threats and active shooters. All of these topics are areas of concern when discussing a plan of action of response to these types of events. In my opinion, past events provide us with so much knowledge of how to react to these events and we have learned from them in many different ways. The training provided for us to learn is from information gathered of past occurrences that we have dealt with. Understanding how we can effectively react to these events is a crucial step in how we can learn to plan better for security actions.

-Josh Foster

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