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Depression Among Elderly Korean American Male

Depression Among Elderly Korean American Male
Assignment 2: Developing the Dissertation Premise This week, you begin a 3-week process of developing your Dissertation Premise, which is due by Day 7 of Week 3 and then resubmitted by Day 7 of Week 5. The Discussions in Weeks 1 and 2 provide a forum for peer review and feedback on your proposed topic and problem statement. You are advised to take full advantage of these opportunities to help you narrow and focus your dissertation topic. To prepare for this Assignment, carefully review the Dissertation Premise Guide (located through this week’s Learning Resources). Pay particular attention to the sample premise that is provided. Familiarizing yourself with this sample now will help you more accurately direct your own work as you proceed.


Consider any peer feedback you received in this week’s Discussion on your topic and problem statement. How can you improve your problem statement? What preliminary evidence do you have to support or justify investigating this topic? Begin creating your 2- to 3-page (including the title page) Dissertation Premise document, which is due in Week 3. You will resubmit your Dissertation Premise document incorporating and addressing feedback from your Instructor by Day 7 of Week 5. Your Premise document will also be used to inform potential committee members of your research agenda. Depression Among Elderly Korean American Male


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