Define an orientation, training and career development process.

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 Assignment #3 – Define an orientation, training and career development process (15%) This assignment relates to the following Course Learning Requirements: CLR4 — Examine and employee training and development program CLR6 — Compare and contrast the methods used in effective employee and labour relations in both individual and team settings CLR7 — Consider the components of an occupational health and safety program Objective of this Assignment: To apply the concepts of orientation, training and development to a scenario as a means of putting theory into practice while examining opportunities to improve employee performance and productivity. Step 1: For this assignment, read the following scenario: You are hired into an organization as director of strategic talent acquisition and development. Your mandate, as described by your supervisor, is to find, recruit, hire and train the very best employees that the organization can find, while developing the amazing internal team to reach their full potential. A few weeks into your role, you decide to delve into the files of the employee team to begin developing a matrix of skills that employees possess, a priority sequence for training that the internal workforce requires, and a road map including training resources and dollars that will be needed to develop the team. You begin your work and quickly realize that employee files contain little data, few resumes, and even fewer job design fact sheets and records. In fact, things have been done so informally over the years that you have no idea where to start. Your job is to create a skills inventory process and skills assessment program that will set the foundation for your work with the internal employee team. Step 2: Design and submit an inventory and skills assessment tool that: a) identifies skills gaps through the creation of a one page skills inventory that maps job duties to employee skills b) a one page outline to the employee group on how this information will be used to develop their capacity c) a one page outline of how the required training will be planned d) identify 4-6 metrics of what success will look like and how gaps measurement and metrics of success will be captured You must design the program from the scenario provided above. If there is information that you require that is not noted in the scenario, just make your own assumptions but ensure to note them in your assignment. Step 3: The assignment is marked out of 15, based on the rubric below. The assignment format is as follows: 1. Title/headers: o Level 1: Arial 14 o Level 2: Arial 12 2. Body Text o 12 point font, with 1.5 line spacing. Please choose a legible font, such as Calibri or Arial o No more than 3-4 pages in length (excluding title page, references and appendices). 3. Paragraphs o Separate paragraphs with one blank line (do not indent paragraphs) 4. Cover Page o The cover should show title of the assignment, course code and the date with name of the student 5. Body o Point form is acceptable for no more than 20% of the assignment. Tables and other presentation tools are accepted but should be included in the appendices and referenced within the assignment. 6. Appendices o All supporting documentation is placed in the appendices, clearly labelled. o Place the skills inventory in the appendices. 7. References o In the body of your paper cite a source by name and date. Consult the Help and Resource folder to learn about APA style for the appropriate format for your reference section. o Every assignment must include a Bibliography page o Cite all your sources of information using APA formatting. Remember, personal communications from a professional in the field count as a reference source.


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