Deconstruct Media Messages

Deconstruct Media Messages

History and Development

The history of television traces back to the 19th and the early 20th century. After World War II, it became an effective medium for entertainment, propaganda, and advertising. Since television uses images, it is more valid, and many can see and connect with the news (BeBusinessed, n.d.). The radio’s history and development are attributed to physicists’ inventions who first invested in wireless telegraphy in the 19th century. It has since developed into broadcasting over the years. The delivery method of radio prompts people to be more attentive so that they can understand the message (Wikipedia, n.d.). The first newspapers were circulated in the 17th century, with Britain leading to use them as an effective form of communication. Its delivery method invites literate people so that they can contextualize the message (Lambert, n.d.). Twitter was created in 2006 as a powerful social media platform that has since attracted several users. Since most young people are technology savvy, Twitter attracts them more than older people; thus, the mode of delivering messages must meet their needs (Wikipedia, n.d.). The term blog was first coined in 1997, and it has since developed over time. It has rapidly gained popularity, with several people currently using it for various purposes. Blogs are different; hence they can be attractive to other people depending on their messages’ nature (Wikipedia, n.d.).

Purpose of Each Media

The purpose of television is to illuminate and entertain, and the target audience is mainly young and rich people, although the demographics vary according to time and program. The main strength of television broadcasting is that it combines motion, sight, and sound, and it also can reach large audiences. However, television can be costly in terms of media and production. Television has been effectively used as a medium for communication, although some people have used it to advance propaganda. The purpose of the radio is to provide real time information to people who cannot access information due to the remoteness of their area. The main strength of radio is that it has an immediate and massive distribution. However, it is expensive in terms of production and utilization, and it may also require training. Radio has been used to transmit information to large groups of people, although it has also been used to pass biased messages that have led to civil conflicts.

The primary purpose of newspapers is to provide news and information to readers; hence the target audience is literate. Newspapers enjoy local credibility, and they can also reach many people. However, it is challenging to build a national reach due to people’s inability to read the message. Like other forms of communication, it has been misused in transmitting inaccurate information to people. The purpose of Twitter is to entertain and to inform its target audience, who are mostly young people who can access smartphones and internet access. Twitter has enabled a global connection, and with access to several users, people can use it to improve their businesses by connecting to customers. However, it requires a time commitment to maintain a Twitter account (Clean Air Campaign, 2016). The purpose of blogs is to connect people to a relevant audience and increase traffic for a website. They offer a quick and easy procedure to update, and people can quickly leave their comments for improving the website. However, they can be time-consuming.

Evaluation of Media Messages

PBS NewsHour created the television message. They have used relevant pictures to attract people to the concept of wildfires and how they interfere with the efforts to control air pollution (PBS NewsHour, 2018). However, other people may assume that wildfires in other states do not disrupt efforts to curb air pollution; hence the message has been created from the point of bias. The radio message emphasizes air pollution on people who are taking part in physical activity such as exercising. The radio bases its information on biased research that only considers one segment of the population (Science Friday, 2017). Based on this, it becomes irrelevant to people who do not take part in the exercise. The Twitter message is meant to inform people about particulate pollution from factories, motor vehicles, and power plants. It lacks biases because it aims at reaching a broad audience from all over the world. The New York Times message is meant to inform people about the effects of pollution on people’s thinking capacity. Using China’s study, a highly industrialized country exposes its biases by revealing that China is highly polluted (Ives, 2018). The blog post targets moms who are committed to clean air (Yerman, 2018). Although the message is inclusive, it targets mothers and makes it biased against other groups such as men who have an equal commitment towards clean air.

Accuracy of Each Media Messages

The television, radio, blog, and newspaper message are accurate since they are reliable and valid sources. For instance, the New York Times is a credible source; hence New York Times can consider its message correct. The radio message is also valid and reliable because it obtains information from specialists. However, Twitter does not indicate validity or reliability, although the facts are verifiable.


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