Decision Making and Problem Solving.

 Description You will be expected to analyse and evaluate how the listed company of your choice handled a major issue. The choice of company and issue is up to you, however, it is strongly advised that you get approval from your module tutor to ensure the company and issue chosen are appropriate for this assignment. Introduction to the issue and the chosen company With reference to a listed company of your choice identify a recent major issue that they have had to deal with. Describe what the issue was and discuss how your chosen company dealt with it. You should be justifying their choice of problem, not just describing the problem, supporting the justification using organisational data. The justification should include introductory theory on problem solving to support why you selected this decision. You should describe the approach to decision making and problem solving taken by the organisation, not just the solution reached. Critical analysis of the approach taken by the organisation Critically appraise the approaches used by the organisation in trying to address this major issue. With hindsight and time suggest how the company could have responded better. What other decision making and problem solving techniques would have been most appropriate for this decision or problem. To answer this successfully, you will need to support your evaluation with theory, and providing other options and arguing the optimal way of tackling this problem or decision. You should support your proposed options with evidence from theory, and potentially other contemporary companies’ successes and failures. Stock market analysis As the company is listed on the stock market analyse how that market viewed the major issue and the company’s responses that followed. This will involve analysing the company’s share price across the period of the event. Implementation theory to be discussed here, in context of the particular organisation and problem. You should demonstrate a clear knowledge of available implementation methods and how they relate specifically to this particular decision or problem. Company : GlaxoSmithKline (China) Case : Bribery

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