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Deaf Culture

***Book(purchase or download):byHolcomb, Tom: Introduction to Deaf Culture(ISBN-13: 978-0199777549, or ISBN-10: 0199777543





Book Review/Report Requirements:

You will be writing a book review/report. This kind of writing style requires you to combine your skills of describing the book, analyzing how the book tried to achieve its purpose, and expressing your own reactions.

Pick 3 or 4 topics/points from this book you want to discuss. The topics you picked:

1.) What is the topic?2.) What did the author say about this topic? 3.) What ideas supported that topic?4.) What are your reactions to this topic?

Include in your paper:

First half of the paper:

1.) In the introduction, include the title of the book and the author2.) Summary of the main points of the book (include quoting and paraphrasing)

Second half of the paper:

3.     3.)  Your evaluations and opinions of the topics you picked (how well the author achieved its goal, was the point clearly stated, in your opinion what was the author trying to say, what did you find that impacted you the most (state where it is located in the book).

4.     4.)  The conclusion (tie everything together).

Use this as a checklist to make sure you have all the requirements:

·       –  12 pt. font

·       –  Time New Roman

·       –  1-inch margins on the top and bottom

·       –  1.25-inch margins on the left and right

·       –  Double space

·       –  3 to 4 pages long (not including cover page)

·       –  Proofread (spelling, grammar, etc….)

·       –  Number the pages except the cover page (put it on the bottom right corner)

·       –  Cover page (in the middle, center of the page Line 1: Title, Line 2: My name, Line

3: Name of the course, Line 4: the term you are taking this course, then on towards

the bottom of the page Line 1: Your name, Line 2: Date (See page 3 for an example)

·       –  Citation (for quotes, paraphrases, etc….), follow MLA format

·       –  On a separate paper: (last page) Works Cited, follow MLA format


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