De Beauvoir, or physical realism

Description Essay on de Beauvoir, or physical realism and the mind. Respond to ONE of the following questions: 1. How much of what de Beauvoir hoped for for women has been accomplished, in your view? What remains to be done? 2. Could a machine think? In light of the Intentional Stance, on the one hand, and the Chinese Room on the other, justify your answer. Thesis Statement is a clearly stated, defensible claim appearing in the introduction. Thesis Statement must be underlined. argument supporting your thesis is good AND assessment of objections is convincing correctly identifies and thoroughly explains all relevant principles and theories clearly follows Basic Essay Structure relevant terminology is used correctly Essay shows an average and/or academic writing style with negligible errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, and usage. 2 quotations from the textbook: cite with page number, “blah blah” (p.17). For an excerpt, cite with excerpt author’s name and page number: “Socrates rules!” (Plato, p. 58).

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