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Culture of Consumer Behavior in Marketing Responsive Essay

Culture of Consumer Behavior in Marketing Responsive Essay

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According to Mothersbaugh, “culture is the complex whole that includes knowledge, belief, art, law, morals, customs and any other capabilities and habits acquired by humans as members of society” (p, 40). Marketers should understand the value of culture and its influence on a society. Culture influences decision making, spending habits and perception of how we view people and places.  Though cultures tend to evolve over time, it is slow to change. Understanding culture values is key when companies want to expand internationally. Target’s expansion into the Canadian market did not go over well and many stores were closed within the first two years. Starbucks was deemed too hot and expensive for Australia. It was reported that the company suffered $143 million dollar loss. Mattel launched a Barbie dream house in China,and was unable to convey the same message with Chinese cultural, as they deemed Barbie to sexual. “Marketing culture refers to the pattern of shared values and beliefs that help individuals understand the marketing function and provide them with norms for behavior in the firm. An orientation and culture towards marketing within the organization is most imperative” (Shanker, 2019). The statement “culture sets boundaries on behaviors” is defined as follows: Culture of Consumer Behavior in Marketing Responsive Essay


“The boundaries that culture sets on behavior are called norms, which are simply rules that specify or prohibit certain behaviors in specific situations” (Mothersbaugh, 41). Culture norms are defined by our standard of living. They can be reinforced by family, teachers and community. Culture norms change throughout different regions of the world. An organizational culture norm is can be defined by the CEO or head of a company. It normaly stems from values, goals and mission of an organization. “Since organizational culture is a set of shared assumptions and understandings about organizational functioningfirms’ logic, priorities and strategies are deeply ingrained in the organizational culture that surrounds and is infused into employeespower-based behaviors” (Murphy, Gölgeci, & Johnston,2019). Organizational culture affects choices of behaviors toward partners as well as how partner behaviors are perceived.

Self-Oriented values are relationships that “reflect theobjectives and approaches tolife that the individual members of society find desirable” (Mothersbaugh, 43). Self-oriented values can be active or passive. In America, there is a large market for physical activities and sports. In contrast, other countries such as Japan have a lower population that is engaged in physical activities. One would make the observation that a sports campaign would appeal more to American households. In some cultures, there is a greater appeal to abstinence in comparison to sensual gratification. Though both define self-oriented values, they are opposite in nature. Muslim cultures are sensitive to sexual advisements and more conservative. American companies that choose to expand in cultures with high Muslim or Asian population must be aware of this prior to launching a marketing and advertisement campaign. It is important to understand the values within the culture. Culture of Consumer Behavior in Marketing Responsive Essay

In Romans 12:2, God instructs us “Do not conform to the pattern of this worldbut be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will” (NIV, Bible Gatway). It is important that we understand as believers, when we are born again, we now are a part of the body of Christ. Under His kinship, there is now a new set of values that we display that reflect our relationship with God.Culture of Consumer Behavior in Marketing Responsive Essay


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Defining Culture

Americans are often taught to walk tall, give a firm handshake, and look others in the eye when in conversation. However, if that same American were to display these seemingly innocent acts of body language and greeting, he or she may easily ruin a business deal. In France one is expected to kiss the other on both cheeks when greeting, in Argentina standing “tall” with your hands on your hips is a display of anger, and in Ghana looking another directly in the eye may be interpreted as disrespectful (“7 Cultural Differences”, 2020). These stark differences in casual conversation are a reflection of a variation of cultures around the world. Culture is the complex whole that includes knowledge, belief, art, law, morals, customs, and any other capabilities and habits acquired by humans as members of society (Hawkins, 2020, P. 41.).

Cultures and subcultures may vary by gender, age, region, country, race, or a myriad of these variables. No matter the culture or subculture, each have a set of norms. Norms are rules that specify or prohibit certain behaviors in specific situations(Hawkins, 2020, P. 41.). For example, an American man is shunned, or sanctioned, for wearing pink. Normally, pink is a color associated with [young] girls and is rarely, if ever, worn by men. Where pink became associated with young girls is unknown and it matters not in culture. If a man does wear pink the assertion is made that he is not masculine therefore undesirable for women. This assertion is derived from cultural values, or widely held beliefs that affirm what is desirable.Culture of Consumer Behavior in Marketing Responsive Essay


Whether creating a regional social media campaign or considering taking a business venture abroad, it is important for marketers to understand how culture affects relationships that one’s audience may have. There are three primary relationships to be considered: Other-oriented values, Environment-oriented values, and Self-oriented values.


Other-oriented values reflect a society’s view of the appropriate relationships between individuals and groups within that society. A marketer should consider this value when weighing the importance of online reviews or if to market the product as though it will make the consumer stand out from the crowd. Environment-oriented values prescribe a society’s relationship to its economic and technical as well as its physical environment. Before creating a social campaign, a marketer may consider if the culture being marketed to is one that problem solves or appreciates risk taking. Lastly, Self-oriented values reflect the objectives and approaches to life that the individual members of society find desirable (Hawkins, 2020, P. 44).

Of the three, the most interesting and controversial relationship may be self-oriented values. Examples of these values include: sensual gratification versus abstinence, religious versus secular, and immediate gratification versus postponed gratification(Hawkins, 2020, P. 53-54). These are often the values one is judged on the most compared to the others. Cultures often rate how promiscuous a woman is in more religious based cultures, how hard a man works “hard-working” cultures, or how many art pieces a family owns in a materialistic culture. It is interesting that even in materialistic cultures, there are different types of materials that vary representation based on that culture. The obtained aforementioned art piece in America is just another possession while in Korea it is considered to show wealth and strength in the family unit.Culture of Consumer Behavior in Marketing Responsive Essay

Biblical Integration 

Self-oriented values may be the most interesting for Christians as while the norms are decided by the regional culture, for example, God is looking for us to make the individual right choice. There are several instances where Jesus affirmed that we are not of this world. I do not believe the emphasis of this was not being of this physical world, as much as it was us not being a part of the worlds cultures. The popular verse in Romans confirms this: Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect (Romans 12:2, English Standard Version).


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