Cultural diplomacy

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Cultural diplomacy Description Identify an example of cultural diplomacy in action that has occurred between (August 2018 – December 2018) and analyze how and why your selection demonstrates cultural diplomacy in action. In so doing, you must provide an appropriate amount of context and a clear understanding of the issues associated with your selection. Do not turn your paper into a summary of the underlying issue, but specifically articulate how your selection is an example of cultural diplomacy in action. This paper is not to exceed five (5) double-spaced, 12-point font, and numbered pages. Keep in mind, you are not analyzing any media coverage your example receives, but rather the demonstration of cultural diplomacy in action. You are not restricted to any particular state, nation, or region of the world when selecting an example and you are encouraged to explore both domestic and international examples of cultural diplomacy to analyze. Some questions to consider when selecting your example and developing your analysis might include: Who or what is the primary agent of the cultural diplomacy (i.e., government, private organization, some combination of both)? Who or what is the intended audience (i.e., general public, business elites, regional, global)? Is the example you have identified attempting to address a particular issue (i.e., anti-Americanism, European chauvinism, issues of migration, environmental concerns) or is it broader in scope (i.e., softening a national image, promoting a common heritage, diffusing regional tensions)? Is it part of a larger agenda, or is it an isolated incident? Is it part of a consistent message? How successful is/was this cultural diplomacy? In other words, how well was it received? What are/were its strengths? Its weaknesses? This assignment will be evaluated on: (1)?? the quality of the example you select; ??(2) your ability to demonstrate its relevance to topics covered in this course; and (3)?? how effectively you use the course material to support your assertions. This is intended to be an analytical essay and, as always, it will be evaluated in terms of organization, clarity of argument, and conceptual rigor. Please note that you are expected to write clearly and concisely and to responsibly apply the course concepts covered throughout this semester. This includes appropriately employing the assigned readings and course material to support your essay and properly citing your sources in a reference section at the end of the paper. (The reference section does not count against the page limit.) Take the time to carefully craft your opening paragraph and be sure the rest of the essay supports the ideas communicated in this all important paragraph.


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