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csub 1009

 First, watch the video “Marking a Text”


 Next, watch the video “Annotating a Text”:    https://bb.csub.edu/bbcswebdav/pid-724482-dt-content-rid-2513265_1/courses/DZhou_CSUB1009/Annotating%20a%20Text%20_web%20version_.mp4






 First, watch the video “Outlining”:   https://streamer.csub.edu/ecase/CSUB_S4S_Outlining_-_20160902_221637_6.html

Next, watch the video “Speaking Tips


https://streamer.csub.edu/ecase/CSUB_S4S_Speaking_Tips_- _20160902_213540_6.html





 First, watch the video “Setting Up Cornell Notes”:



 Next, watch the video “Taking Cornell Notes”:






 First, watch the video “Levels of Inquiry”:



 Next, watch the video “Developing Study Questions from Cornell Notes”:





First, watch the video “KWL: KNOW, WANT to Know, LEARNED



 Next, download and complete the homework for  Module #4, using the excerpt from The Big Thirst below, and bring it with you to your next class :  







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