Cross-Selling and Promotional Opportunities 

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  • Cross-Selling and Promotional Opportunities


  • Cross-Selling and Promotional Opportunities6 content slides, in addition to a title and reference slide(s) for a total minimum of 8 slides
  • Section I:      Company and Brand Information
  • Section II: Product      Pitch Script
    • This section will optimize the perfect pitch for selling your brand. Include the features and benefits of the product.
  • Section III:      Cross-Selling and Promotional Opportunities
    • This section will examine and recommend 2 complementing products for your brand,       relevant to the customer’s lifestyle to build brand awareness and loyalty.
    • Develop 1       promotional campaign for selling these complementing products.
  • Section IV: The      Product Promise and Guarantee

The project deliverables for Section I are as follows:

  • Visit your favorite store where your product is distributed, either a      brick-and-mortar (BAM) store or virtual store.
    • Study the store and the product’s return policy.
  • Develop a brief      PowerPoint presentation identifying the company, the brand you selected,      and your store’s customer service policy.
    • Find a       competitor, and analyze its policy. What are some of the similarities and differences?

The requirements for your PowerPoint presentation are as follows:

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  • 100–150 words of speaker notes per      slide 
  • Title and      reference slides (2 slides)
  • Specifics and      explanation of store customer service and product policies for      each store (3 slides)
  • Comparison of      the 2 policies (3 slides)
    • 1 positive       aspect about both policies
    • 1 negative       aspect about both policies
    • 1 way you would       update or change the policy for today’s customer, and why you would       choose to make that change

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