CRM 219 Transcriminal

ESSAY TOPIC How do natural disasters affect human trafficking? Discuss. In order to complete this essay, you should:

1. Discuss what classifies as a natural disaster

2. Define human trafficking

3. Discuss how natural disasters in general affect human trafficking. If you like, you can then choose one specific case to use as an example to expand on your arguments.

4. Provide recommendations on how States and the global community can counter human trafficking post natural disasters You will need to provide information using peer- reviewed journal articles and/or edited books. A minimum of 20 peer-reviewed journal articles and/or books will be required. You can use valid websites such as the UN websites as well, however, these should not form the majority of your sources. You will need to provide a reference list, presented in proper APA format, beginning on a new page after your essay. This does not count towards your word count

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