Critical Analysis – Paper 1

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E.g. The title of paper 1 is…………. (Name of authors) 


Briefly describe in your own words no more than 3 sentences

the research paper (do not write the aims or objectives of

the study)   

The next paragraph start your critical discussion of the 1st part of the research process chosen to critique (450 words) followed by the 2nd part of the research process chosen to critique (450 words)




Reflection: reflect on the paper and on own experience

This is the only part of the assignment where you may use the ‘first person’ = ‘I’, because it is reflective

Reflect using the Rolfe, Freshwater and Jasper (2001)


What ?

Explore the significance of this area of practice, why is it a problem, reflect on your own experience of patient/service users care related to this issue, good or bad,

How did this make you and/or the patient feel?


So what

What does the evidence from this paper add

What could I have done differently?



Now What

 You will explore and reflect upon what this means to you in your current role as a student nurse and in the future as a registered practitioners and how this will shape and drive your current and future learning needs, e.g. Now, what knowledge, skills attitudes and attributes will I need to possess now and in the future to meet the needs of such service-users/patients?

Approximate word count 600 words



This should be a summary of your key points


For example, the research article and identified the 2 areas of research selected and discussed being critical, appraising and reflective.

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