Critical Analysis Essay: “Understanding: Art and Science”

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(1000 words) In her article “Understanding: Art and Science” the philosopher Catherine Elgin argues that both the arts and the sciences exemplify and that such exemplification contributes to a better understanding of the world. Please do critically analyze her characterization of the nature of experiments in science. In your analysis you must (a) clearly explain what exemplification is; (b) clearly show how exemplification is a common feature of the arts and the sciences.


(c) present two objections to Elgin’s characterization of experiments in science insofar as it supports Elgin’s view that the arts and the sciences “complement one another, each contributing to the advancement of understanding.” (p. 27) The expectation is that you find your arguments in critical response someone else’s view. Assessment: The most important criteria for my assessment of your essays are the following:

(1) is the topic/theme addressed that I assigned? (2) Does your essay reflect a close reading of the text(s) to be dealt with, and a familiarity with the lecture material to which the essay relates. (3) Does the essay reflect overall good comprehension of the related text(s) and lecture material? If you fail to address the topic/theme assigned, an F will be assigned to your paper regardless of any other merit it may demonstrate. Of secondary concern for my assessment are stylistic matters, such as grammar, tone of the essay, structure of your paper. You will receive an assessment sheet (see Schedule 2 of this syllabus) that breaks down the grade that was assigned to you for the essay. i will attach the article and the more specific criteria for the essay

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