Create Metric With Excel Data

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Create a high standard metric showing the below. Show all pivot table fields and metrics/charts used in separate tabs if needed. .

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How many total for each Creator ?

For each Creator how many have DEFAULT DOCUMENT TITLE in Title field out of the total they have done.

For each Creator how many have blank/null  in Comments (b2Comments) field out of the total they have done

Translate the Creator id”field into a real name. Creator ID and corresponding name can be found in second tab.  Maybe write a query that will pull the name from the second tab(creator name), just incase i add new Creator ID. So the metric should show Creator name instead of ID.

In the future , I will want to do the same thing multiple times by just copy and paste details into the excel sheet with headings remaining the same.  Therefore, I am looking for a repeatable way to do this so all i have to do is paste new data and i can spit out or refresh  the metric quickly.

Excel file will be attached

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