Country (Senegal) Analysis Report

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1. Two to three page report including 3 or more academic, credible sources cited using APA.

2. Based on your research, decide whether to do business in your assigned country. Consider:

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Geographic location, capital cities, climate, population
Head of state, brief details of political and economic systems
GDP, main products, businesses
Main trading partners, main business, or industry groups
Language, ethnic origins, religion, culture
3. View relevant factors from an international business perspective.

4. Outline the pros and cons of doing business in your assigned country.

5. Include an annotated bibliography, which is an organized list and summary of consulted sources. Begin with the author (if available), title, and the publishing information. The annotation is brief, 1-2 sentences. It not only describes the work, but is also evaluative. For this assignment, include for each source the following:

Summary of main arugments
Why the source was chosen
Topics covered

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