Continuous Wavelet Analysis Applicability

Dears, based on the attached project paper, requesting you to paraphrase the entire papers which is about Continuous Wavelet Analysis Applicability in Swash Plate Condition Monitoring: Poor PID Tuning (Case Study) with 3800 wardsDocument Preview:

Continuous Wavelet Analysis Applicability in Swash Plate Condition Monitoring: Poor PID Tuning (Case Study) Molham Chikhalsouk*, Sultan Saeed Al Nuaimi – S200330042@hct.ac.ae**, Hamad Muhsen Hanash – H00214570@hct.ac.ae ** Higher Colleges of Technology UAE (ADMC), Associate Professor*, Student** Abstract— Vibration analysis is fundamental in enhancing condition monitoring and fault diagnostics of control unit in swash plate pumps. Several signal analysis methods are used to obtain useful information from vibration signatures. Presently, the most of these methods use spectral analysis based on Fourier Transform (FT). However, these methods exhibit some limitations; especially in transient signals when the irregularity is the pattern. In the present paper, we are interested to apply Continuous Wavelet Analysis (CWA) to vibration signal analysis. The CWT is one of the most promising methods for signal processing; it is especially convenient for transient vibration measurements obtained from accelerometer sensors. The monitoring results indicate that the DWT can diagnose the abnormal change in the measured data. Index Terms— Vibration analysis, fault diagnosis, control unit, swash plate pumps, spectral analysis, wavelet transforms. INTRODUCTION The increasing demand for excellent performance, safety and reliability of hydraulic systems has increased the demand for fault diagnosis. Fault diagnosis has been becoming much more important in process monitoring. In the recent years, remarkable breakthrough in sensors, which are employed successfully in condition monitoring and fault diagnosis, such as: vibration displacement, dynamic force, noise levels, temperature, etc. Nowadays, vibration signature analysis is one of the most effective methods used in condition monitoring and fault diagnostics, where they obtain the dynamic information of the system. 

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