Contemporary Independent Cinema.

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 The New Hollywood How do Taxi Driver and Raiders of the Lost Ark demonstrate the two versions of the “New Hollywood” that emerged in the 1960s and 1970s? In other words, how does Taxi Driver represent the Director’s Cinema, and how does Raiders of the Lost Ark represent a typical New Hollywood blockbuster? Contemporary Blockbuster Trends How do Wonder Woman and Pacific Rim reflect developments of contemporary blockbusters? Consider, for instance, the concepts of cinematic universes and the global audience. Contemporary Independent Cinema How do Do the Right Thing and Lady Bird reflect trends in independent cinema from the 1980s to the present? Consider, for instance, their filmmakers, subjects, and stylistic techniques. Contemporary Global Cinema How do Spirited Away and Skyfall uniquely represent their national origins (Japan in the case of Spirited Away, and England in the case of Skyfall)? Also, how do these films try to appeal to a global audience? Consider their themes and settings. You will need to submit a file featuring your essay. In your essay, please be sure to include your first and last name and indicate which of the prompts you’re writing about (e.g., “Contemporary Independent Cinema”).


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