contemporary Asian studies

Requirement will be provided. the sources are provided as well. the topic is chosen between laos and india. please choose one thats easier for you. please follow the instruction to the exact. there are two topic so theres two source. PICK ONE and write at least 2200 words excluding biblography. please do well. thank you for your service. as quality is ALWAYS our top prority. requirement: 3.

Subject: contemporary asian studies 4. Academic level: second year 5. Pages: 9 6. Single/Double space: not mentioned Text should be Times New Roman, 12 point, with one inch margins on all sides, paginated, with a unique title 7. Number of sources: at least 4 form the given list in the file 8. Citation format: chicago or APA 9. Detail topic: Apportioning Citizenship in India or Locating Laos

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