Consumerism in America

In 2000-2500 words, argue to what extent consumerism has become a problem in America. How has it impacted our culture, if at all? All of your points must be supported by sound reasoning and evidence. -Your paper must be MLA formatted, typed, using 12pt, Times New Roman font, with 1-inch margins, and include a works cited page. -NO internet sources are allowed, but you may use articles from the online academic database. Your paper must include a minimum of 4 sources. ** My comment for you would be: it’s more helpful to write in the perspective of an 18-year-old girl, like myself. The way I purchase things isn’t so much like a typical 18 years old would, I don’t like big brands like Hollister or Victorias Secret. I usually go to target and Khols to buy clothes or shop online at Forever 21 (sometimes) and even at thrift shops. Although, I tend to be very influenced by ads on social media. Instagram ads will pop up about diet plans and gym clothes or even nice sunglasses that sometimes I fall into purchasing. It all depends on how it is being viewed and by who, their personal experiences, etc. It’s impacted our culture to be seen as just an everyday thing. Like we are ok with these influences upon us because we fall into the same patterns over and over by the same companies.

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