“Conflict Minerals” Analysis Of Democratic Republic Of Congo’s Mining Sector

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The essay should show evidence of thorough and comprehensive research involving consultation of authoritative and credible sources, official documents and published reports. It should be organised in a systematic, logical and coherent manner with the goal of providing a thorough understanding of the selected subject in relation to the country’s development.


The essay is on the Mining sector in the Democratic Republic Of Congo. The essay should show both the economic and social effects the sector has on the country. The Outline is as follows; A) Introduction – What is the topic and why it’s relevant B) Outline – how the paper will be organized C) Background – Economic history of the mining sector D/) Facts and figures of the mining sector E) Main Body – The role of government corruption, Rebel Controlled mines, Labour practices/Child labour & The role of multinational companies F) Current events and future projections of the sector G) conclusion

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