Conduct a legal analysis of the U.S. Constitution

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Conduct a legal analysis of the U.S. Constitution

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In Unit 4, you researched searches and seizures and the Sixth Amendment guarantees of the right to counsel, right to a trial by jury, and who should serve on the jury. Now, you will end your constitutional journey by exploring confessions given voluntarily and involuntarily and the Fifth Amendment’s right against self-incrimination. You will probe into how technology has impacted constitutional guarantees and critique the Eighth Amendment’s guarantee against cruel and unusual punishment.

The objectives for this unit are as follows:

  • Conduct a legal analysis of the U.S. Constitution for a practical understanding of criminal procedures
  • Analyze the safeguards of the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, and Eighth Amendments
  • Conduct a legal analysis through briefing of appellate case decisions
  • Describe the role of the judiciary and the rule of law in society
  • Explain the historical evolution of procedural doctrines, standards, and tests
  • Explain the principles found in the 14th Amendment, such as due process, fundamental fairness, and equal protection

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