Computer technology

 Description You have been hired by a Services Company (i.e. one that does not create products – but instead performs a service e.g. Real Estate Brokerage, Nail Salon, etc) to create a Digital Marketing Strategy Your Goal is to find/create the best Digital Marketing examples for this new venture to use and present it using a 5 page PowerPoint. You can enclose the document and reply to me (not cc others) The company has told you that they cannot pay for any campaign so ONLY focus on Digital strategies that are free. (no Google ad words etc). You can (and should) use Google, Internet etc to do any research. You should find best practices actually used by other Service firms – in other words see how other local, small (not national) companies do it. Giving specific visual examples, show the client what they should do, and how often etc. Show WHY you believe those strategies are good and effective.

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