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Place all your coding work for this question in the lab notebook template and your project report in the TMA word processing template.

In answering this question, you will benefit from the experience you gained in the previous question. Computer Science homework help

In this question, you will formulate your own research question and investigate it and write a report of your findings in your Solution document. The research question should be related to investigating the relationships between a selected independent variable and a selected dependent variable. Your investigation must include the use of a proper measure of correlation to show the relationships between your selected variables and appropriate visualizations. Visualizations can be provided either by utilizing folium or matplotlib.

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For example, you may wish to investigate the relationship between

· Blood pressure and diabetes

· Number of pregnancies and diabetes

· Age and diabetes

· ……..

The above given relationships are just samples, there are many other research questions that you can investigate.

Study the data sets, analyze it and then prepare a research document according to the following report structure: Computer Science homework help

1. Executive summary

· A brief summary of your project

2. Aims and objectives

· A brief description about the general aims of your project

· and more detailed objectives to achieve those aims

3. The Research Question

· State your research question by:

i. identifying the independent variables (, and

ii. the dependent variables you wish to investigate

4. Analysis and Findings

· Produce convincing correlations demonstrating a statistically significant correlation among your chosen independent and dependent variables. You must choose an appropriate statistical method for the types of measure in the variables in your study. .



· Give your critical interpretation and conclusions about those observed correlations. Computer Science homework help

· Produce tabular summaries of the data in the form of crosstabs or pivot tables

, along with your critical interpretation of those tables .

· At least two relevant visualizations  along with your critical interpretations of each visualization (

· Your final answer to the research question you posed

· and critical comment on your conclusions.

5. Reflection

· Reflect on:

i. your experience with the project ,

ii. what you learned

iii. what you went well

iv. what went wrong (

v. and how can you benefit from this experience in future projects

6. References

· At least 6 references. All references must be in the Harvard style of referencing and must be accompanied by proper citations in the text. Computer Science homework help

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