Compensation and Strategy: Controlling Benefits Costs

Compensation and Strategy: Controlling Benefits Costs          

The ability to adequately control employee benefit costs today is often the difference between organizations that are successful and those that are not.

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Compensation and Strategy: Controlling Benefits Costs
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This is even more complex with the recent governmental focus on health insurance and the attempts to roll back the Affordable Care Act. If you are interested in mandated health insurance in the U.S., a Google search will result in several sources; for example:

Levy, N. and Kim, K. (July 2017). A side-by-side comparison
of Obamacare and the GOP’s replacement plans (2017). The
Los Angeles Times. Retrieved from

Case Assignment

Take a look at the Top 20 Employee Benefits & Perks for 2017 by Glassdoor. Glassdoor says these 20 employers offer benefits “that go beyond the basics and enter legendary status.”

The following employers are listed:

  1. IKEA
  2. Reebok
  3. Bain & Company
  4. Goldman Sachs
  5. Facebook
  6. Scripps Health
  7. Starbucks
  8. American Express
  9. Eventbrite
  10. Whole Foods Market
  11. In-N-Out
  12. Deloitte
  13. Gap Inc.
  14. Microsoft
  15. Swiss Re
  16. Amazon
  17. USAA
  18. Southwest
  19. Genetech
  20. Timberland
  • Select one of these employers that you have not studied before and conduct research on the total rewards they offer. Important: at least 2/3rds of your submission should discuss how they evaluate the effectiveness of those offerings. If you cannot find how the specific employer evaluates their programs, research and discuss best approaches that have been identified by either other employers or by subject matter experts (speakers, authors) to evaluate the effectiveness of total rewards offered.

Present your findings in the following ways:

  • A 4-page brochure
  • An essay format

Be sure to also include a list of at least 3-4 references.

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