Comparison of Theories of Development across an Age Group.

 Written paper #2 is the theorist’s roundtable discussion. This assignment should be written from the perspective of psycho-social development as conceived by each of these theorists with the support of the literature. The purpose of the paper is to analysis the observed case and the interview within the perspectives of 4 theories. The best way to think about this paper is 4 theorists Skinner, Erikson, Piaget, and Kuhlberg including the caregiver interview are discussing your observed case over a cup of coffee. Each theorist deconstructs the case from his perspective with the support of the caregiver. Therefore, it is best that you identify the case with each theory and how the observation supported or negated the premise of development within each theory. The text of the paper should employ a cultural argument to challenge or support such theory. Discuss part of observation specific to the individual theorist, and how this can negate or meet development expectations. Also, incorporate in the discussion of each theory components of the caretaker interview that support or not the position of the theory. To organize your analysis, it is important that you heading for each theory. Balance the paper by combining and moving around the cultural argument position, aspects of theoretical perspective and facets of real life circumstances observed in relation to theory alone. This paper should include at least 7 scholarly books or journal articles. DO NOT USE Wikipedia, Dictionary or other similar sites/links, and follow APA format (5th or 6th edition) and be 7-9 pages in length with additional title and reference page.

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