COMP202 Foundations of Programming

It is very important that you follow the directions as closely as possible. The directions while perhaps tedious, are designed to make it as easy as possible for the TAs to mark the assignments by letting them run your assignment, in some cases through automated tests. While thesetests will never be used to determine your entire grade, they speed up the process signifificantly,which allows the TAs to provide better feedback and not waste time on administrative details.Plus, if the TA is in a good mood while he or she is grading, then that increases the chance of themgiving out partial marks. 🙂

Up to 30% can be removed for bad indentation of your code as well as omitting comments, or poorcoding structure.

To get full marks, you must:

Follow all directions below

In particular, make sure that all function and variable names are spelled exactly asdescribed in this document. Else a 50% penalty will be applied.

Make sure that your code runs.

Code with errors will receive a very low mark.

Write your name and student ID as a comment in all .py fifiles you hand in

Name your variables and helper functions appropriately

The purpose of each variable should be obvious from the name

Comment your work

A comment every line is not needed, but there should be enough comments to fullyunderstand your program

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