Community health

Description link to the Community Health Assessment (CHA) with the Onondaga County Health Department Indicators to use 1. preterm birth and low birth weight – page 42 2. infant mortality – page 43 Your assignment is to research and report your answers to the following questions. Your response should be 550- 700 words total. 1. Which two indicators would you prioritize based on the existing information? An indicator is a measurable health outcome, such as a mortality or morbidity rate, or other data item, such as an insurance coverage measure, that is relevant to the health of a community. For each indicator, report the rate for Onondaga County and identify the data source for that indicator. Please cite the original data source and year. For example: NYS Expanded BRFSS, 2012 is appropriate, while Onondaga County CHA is NOT sufficient. 2. Explain why you selected these indicators to represent the health of the community. 3. For each indicator, how does Onondaga County compare to New York State as a whole? 4. Which of these indicators do you think would be the most difficult for the Health Department to assess on a population level? Explain your reasoning. 5. Use the social ecological model to discuss strategies to improve these indicators, and thus the health of the community. 

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