Communicative Adaptability Scale

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Using the Communicative Adaptability Scale, answer the following questions: 1. Identify the four nominal variables on the attached Communicative Adaptability Scale questionnaire. 2. How would you assess the categories of these variables according to the criteria of exhaustive, mutually exclusive, and equivalent? 3. Identify the continuous level variable. 4. Are the data in #4 ordinal, interval, or ratio level? 5. Describe how the researcher would create a communicative adaptability score for each participant. 6. What are the minimum and maximum scores any participant could have if he or she responded to all of the items? 7. How would you assess the validity of the Communicative Adaptability Scale? 8. How would you assess the reliability of the Communicative Adaptability Scale? 9. After collecting the data, what steps would you take to interpret the scores?


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