The common mistakes while using affecting and effecting:

Due to confusion between these two words, people seem to make silly mistakes while using any of these words. The usage of the words becomes a difficult task not only for students but also for scholars.

For instance, ‘Drinking has an adverse effect on your health.’

Here, you can notice that you have made a common mistake while choosing the right word for the sentence. The word ‘effect’ is not a genuine choice to make as it is distorting the meaning of the sentence. If you want to use the word ‘effect’ in this sentence, you need to construct the sentence in a different way. Sometimes, people use ‘effect’ as a verb.

For example: He effected his escape through the rear window.

Though ‘effected’ is here used as a verb, the confusion remains the same. These are some of the common grammatical mistakes that most people make while writing or speaking.

How to remember the difference?

Most people have no idea how to differentiate between these two words. Whenever asked, they seem blanked. But you need to know when and how to use these words efficiently without making any common mistake. When someone asks you the difference between these two words, you should have an answer. This blog is all about making you understand the different contexts and different sentence formations using these two homophones.

Here is the simplest trick to remember to avoid making mistakes while using ‘affect’ and ‘effect’:

The word ‘affect’ starts with an ‘A’ and it means action. And action means a verb. That means you can associate ‘affect’ with a verb.

By remembering this, you can easily interpret the difference between these similar words.

A quick recap of the summary:

In this entire blog, you get to know the basic difference between these two words. Let’s take a quick recap of the whole thing to remember these points:

  • While forming a sentence, you need to use the word ‘affect’ as a verb. It means ‘to change’ or ‘to impact’.
  • The word ‘effect’ is a noun and it means ‘the result of the change’.
  • There are some exceptions where you cannot use these words as a verb or as a noun.
  • In certain cases, you can use ‘effect’ as a verb to imply the meaning ‘to bring about’.
  • There are times where you may need to use ‘affect’ as a noun to assemble ‘feeling’ or ‘emotion’.
  • Sometimes ‘affected’ can be used as an adjective. It stands for ‘pretentious’ or ‘artificial’.
  • To make things simpler, you only need to remember that the basic difference between ‘affect’ and ‘effect’ is in their meaning and their use in spoken form.

We hope that this blog has cleared the basic confusion between these two words. Now you do not have any problem remembering the correct way to use these words. If you understand these common grammatical usages of these words, you will make lesser mistakes while writing. As a result, your academic grades will improve.

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